Our Mission Statement.



WSG Foundation Inc. was founded by Bonnie and Scott Grainger as a privately funded philanthropic 501 (c) (3) corporation. The mission of WSG Foundation is to provide grants for advanced training and education for individuals who have a goal to improve themselves through education and experience. The education may be through attendance at a trade school, community college, apprenticeship program, university, college, or similar arrangement. 

Do you see yourself as a (you fill in the blank) ? Do you have a plan on how to become a (you fill in the blank) ? The WSG Foundation will provide support to enable you to begin to answer these questions and other related concerns. The WSG will strive to connect you with people who will assist you to become successful in your chosen field or profession. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, WSG will arrange for you to have an opportunity to work as an apprentice / helper in the area in which you are interested; enabling you to have a more complete understanding of what it would be like to be a (you fill in the blank). 

WSG Foundation does accept uninhibited tax-deductible donations, bequests, transfers or gifts from individuals and other entities. Donations may 

All Grants by the WSG Foundation will be via the Federal 529 Plan system. Funds will be deposited in a 529 Plan to which the Grantee is a named beneficiary. Those funds will be distributed on behalf of the Grantee to pay for education expenses as limited by the 529 Plan.

An Application Form is available from the WSG Foundation or from the WSG website. WSG will also accept applications through organizations that WSG has developed a working relationship with for grants that have an existing scholarship or grant program.


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